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Pretty Imperfection



About Salina

The 23 year old Austrian comes from a great musical heritage and made her first experiences with singing
as a young teenager. She moved to Berlin and Cologne due to the extensive recording and TV performances on THE VOICE
on the main German TV network. This showcased the diversity of her range of Pop and RnB.
It took her a while to realize that there's no need to leave your home to find creative inspiration and build
a music career. Finally moving to Vienna in 2019 opened a lot of new opportunities.

Apart from taking the step into self employment as a professional singer (tv/radio ads e.g. for the biggest
austrian broadcaster) she participated in several preliminary rounds for the national ESC selection.
Besides working with professional songwriters/producers from all around the world, she took part in
austrias favourite casting show "Starmania" 2021, which was another chance to draw attention to her
musical work.

Her debut single "Pretty Imperfection" is the result of working hard for her goal of being an established
artist and you get the chance to be part of it now!

About "Pretty Imperfection"

Been looking for a song that makes you feel good about yourself no matter what your insecurities are? - Salina got it!

"Pretty Imperfection" is the outcome of Salinas own experience with body shaming and getting bullied in
school. This song should strenghten those who have the same story to tell, give them the feeling that they are not
alone with this topic and should stop them caring about societies opinion.
We are all unique and no one can take that away from us.

Do you want to hear this song on repeat? Then support Salina now and get your shares.

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