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What is Global Rockstar?

Learn more about the worlds largest online music contest

Global Rockstar 2015

Learn more about the worlds largest online music contest
  • more than 140.600 Facebook votes
  • more than 122.300 Twitter votes
  • 66.481 casted MEGAVOTES
  • more than 1.400 sold products
  • 132 international finalists
  • 165.000 world wide fans
  • 900.000 Facebook fans
  • 66.481 Credits earned by our artists

Global Rockstar – A unique contest platform

We conduct the world’s largest online music contest and provide innovative voting solutions that enable fair, reliable and thrilling online contests for broadcasters and marketing partners.

Artists earn money withevery paid vote

All around the world, people spend millions in TV-voting shows but neither the artists nor the voters get anything in return.

We changed that!

How it works

Global Rockstar has created a fair model for artists & fans:

Our artists get a fair share of the revenues from paid votes.

Fans get mp3s and other goodies in return.

Support your favouriteartists

Since the 90ties, revenues from music sales have constantly decreased. It’s getting harder and harder for musicians to earn money to finance their next projects.

We changed that!

How it works

By casting votes for your favourite artist in a Global Rockstar contest, you support him and his upcoming projects.

Fair and reliableonline music contests

Global Rockstar is market leader concerning online voting solutions. We have conducted online contests for partners such as Disney, SUPER RTL and AKG by HARMAN.

Interested in a partnership?


Global Rockstar now offers its online voting solutions to all broadcasting organizations that create innovative TV-formats.

Thus, national broadcasters can support their national music scene while finding the best national acts for upcoming Eurovision Song Contests.

Safe and easypayments

Global Rockstar provides 100% secure payments via our payment provider Mangopay.

Payment methods

Payment methods 

Global Rockstar accepts VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

Get a global audience!

You're already well-known in your country but you want to get noticed globally? Register for free!

More than 15.000 artists from 167 countries are already registered on Global Rockstar. Over 200.000 registered fans from all around the world are ready to discover your music too. Many acts that participated in our last contests came from countries that aren’t big players in the global music business, like Tanzania, Bahrain, Mongolia or Peru. We gave these acts a global stage and many of them gained lots of new fans and supporters from countries they couldn’t reach before.

Success stories

Global Rockstar Artist ZOË represented Austria in the Eurovision Stockholm 2016 and was elected 8th in the public voting from 42 participating countries! The Eurovision is the world’s largest TV entertainment event with over 200 Million viewers.

Methedras from Italy won 25.000 $ & pro equipment from AKG worth 10.000 $ in Global Rockstar 2015!

Jhanniel from Argentina won 25.000 $ & pro equipment from AKG worth 10.000 $ in Global Rockstar 2014!