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Global Rockstar was founded in 2014 to support independent players of the music business. We connect Artists with the best Producers and Writers. We help to get their productions financed and we distribute and promote them worldwide. We always aim for increasing the efficiency and transparency of all processes of the music business, in order to grant creators higher revenues and a higher chance to succeed. With our new service, we present a worldwide innovation, allowing Fans to invest in a new Single of their favorite Artist. In return, these Fans receive proceeds from the commercial exploitation of the Single. 

We run the website globalrockstar.com, as well as a music label and a music publishing house, where internationally successful Artists like ZOË (Austrian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016) are signed.



Christof Straub is the founder & CEO of Global Rockstar, a fintech company and music rights marketplace enabling fans to become shareholders of hit songs.

Christof started his professional career beginning of the 1990ies as a multi-platinum awarded artist, music producer and songwriter. Since 2008 and as a serial entrepreneur in digital businesses, he has been working on the disruption of the traditional music industry via digitalization, with a focus on fair artist remuneration and fan participation.


Simone Kienast
Head of A&R

Simone Kienast is Head of A&R and busy scouting new talents and networking with artists and producers 24/7. Checking streaming platforms and keeping her eyes open for new talents is not just her daily business, it’s simply her vocation.


In 2015 she finally decided to sell her soul and started working in the music business with legends like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Mumford & Sons, Ty Dolla $ign, and Conchita Wurst. Next to a Bachelor's Degree in Event Engineering, she is a drummer and has the license for pyrotechnics and lasers.


Simone always goes the extra mile and brings professionalism to the next level with her long time experience in finding the best solution in challenging situations - she won't take no for an answer, simply because there is always a way. Even better said: there is always a new talent out there. Do you think you got it what it takes to be the next Superstar? 

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Tancredi Maria Trionfi
Head of Music

Tancredi Maria Trionfi is the Head of Music at Global Rockstar. With a background as an independent artist under the name The WDK, amassing over a million Spotify streams, he brings a unique artist's perspective to his role.

Tancredi is all about discovering raw talent artists and working with them side by side to make them shine in the long term. Beyond his artistic insights, he also brings a wealth of expertise in areas such as Facebook Ads, which play a pivotal role in our organic Artist Growth strategy. This approach sets Global Rockstar apart as a company that prioritizes not only the release of songs but also the holistic development and long-term sustainability of an artist's career.

Jules Hofer
Product & Artist Manager and Social Media Expert

 Jules Hofer is Product & Artist Manager and Social Media Expert of Global Rockstar. She has visited over 100 concerts and her entire life circles around music and art. She plays over five instruments, most of them self-taught! Before she found her way to Global Rockstar, she was serenading children with her guitar at the kindergarten.


Jules organizational skills are remarkable and she’s the glue keeping it all together. Besides her great creative talent, she’s also a pro at CMS.


Altogether, Jules is an amazing all-rounder with a smile on her face at all times, illuminating any room she enters!

Verena Schneeberger
A&R Junior

Verena Schneeberger is responsible for newcomers and helps them to develop into a headliner at Global Rockstar. She also supports the team with management and social media and always brings in new ideas.

As a singer and songwriter herself, Verena knows exactly how to work and communicate with artists. She can play four instruments, started jazz vocal training when she was 14 years old and took many lessons in musictheory (also studied musicology for a bit).

Besides music she has a passion for writing, painting, analogue photography and design. She always wanted to work in the music business and use her creative mind daily - and in fact, this is what she is doing now everyday.  

Niklas Gusenbauer
Senior Business Development Manager

Niklas is Senior Business Development Manager at Global Rockstar and his passion for the music business is obvious: after his master thesis about the music streaming economy he joined Sony Music Austria where he was responsible for digital distribution agendas. Besides he worked closely with artist and co-label managements and additionally on several marketing and streaming campaigns for major artists such as Falco, Thorsteinn Einarsson, and Conchita Wurst. 

His knowledge about the music industry brought him back to FH St. Pölten (University of Applied Sciences) as a guest lecturer for „music business“. Now is the time to help young, emerging artists at Global Rockstar to find their way to a sustainable career and increase their follower and streaming numbers. 

Even in his free time music accompanies him: while doing sports he loves listening to hip hop.

Satyam Subhash
Platform and Data Specialist

Satyam Subhash is the Platform and Data Specialist at Global Rockstar, performing quantitative and qualitative data analysis and research, as well as collecting data to assist with product development. Before joining Global Rockstar, he lived in London for several years, where he studied and worked as a UX/UI Designer. He is currently doing his Master's at the Technical University of Vienna with a special emphasis on data & business analytics. 


As a Cricket professional, Satyam has represented the Austrian National Team on several occasions at international tournaments. He continues to live his passion for the sport by coaching the Austrian Women's National Team and developing Cricket in Austria. Due to his multicultural and open-minded attitude, he enriches the diversity at Global Rockstar and aims to drive the expansion into new international music industries.

Jürgen Thir

Jürgen Thir is the COO of Global Rockstar. He’s an absolute expert at all marketing and sales questions. Jürgen oversees the business development of Global Rockstar and plans strategies to keep everything up-to-date. 

He not only controls the business aspects but also helps create strategies for the future of digital record labels. With his outstanding knowledge and experience in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Consulting, he is determined to continuously spark the exponential growth of Global Rockstar. 

He’s been in executive positions for more than 10 years and continues to share his extraordinary knowledge in the chief department. Besides being a pro at all business aspects, he is an expert in EDM and has visited the infamous Tomorrowland Festival multiple times. The total package.

Philipp Strommer
Head of Communications & PR

Philipp Strommer is the Head of Communications & PR of Global Rockstar. He is lawyer by education, communicator by soul.

Before onboarding at Global Rockstar, Philipp was tv presenter, lawyer, European Union expert, business developer and communications manager. He brings very varied international expertise into Global Rockstar.

Philipp has been with Global Rockstar almost since the beginning and also hosted our webisodes alongside Eurovision song contest singer ZOË back when Global Rockstar was still a music contest.

Philipp is a total failure as drummer, but a dedicated free-ride skier and music lover – so when he is not working, you will find him free-skiing in the mountains or listening to the Rolling Stones.

Christian Hörlberger

Christian Hörlberger is the CMO of Global Rockstar. He is the mastermind behind all marketing activities of Global Rockstar including the creation, promotion, and optimization of the company’s offerings. So if you’re excited about one of the latest drops or can’t wait to hear what that epic new announcement is all about, he most likely is observing with a big smile.

Before joining Global Rockstar, Christian was part of an Austrian travel tech startup where, after building up the company's video department, he later moved on to being the creative lead over all campaigns. In this role, he not only worked on multi-channel marketing campaigns expanding his knowledge while applying his video marketing expertise but also learned to work in a fast-paced & competitive environment.

Christian holds a master's degree in media management from the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten where he focused his studies on content & strategic management. This solid foundation combined with his creativity and hands-on mentality make him your best sparring partner - while listening to the latest house tunes.

Sarah Brandstätter
A&R Junior

Sarah Brandstätter is the new A&R Junior at Global Rockstar. With her love and passion for music, there was barely any other choice than to work in the music industry. 

After graduating from the musical branch at Stiftsgymnasium Melk, she is currently in her Media Management studies and (hopefully) a soon-to-be Bachelor of Arts in Business. 

She’s been dancing for over 15 years and has been playing the piano since 2016 - so you can say that music and rhythm are running through her veins.

Combining her passion for music with her management skills plus her touch of perfectionism, she fits perfectly into the A&R field for Global Rockstar. Helping out with social-media content she lives out her creativity and contributes to a nice appearance of GRS online.

Samuel Araujo
Intern Content Marketing and A&R

Samuel Araujo is the new intern of Global Rockstar who helps in the Content Marketing and A&R department.

Alongside his international Bachelor of Management, he joined Global Rockstar to discover the music industry from the inside as a label member. With his willingness to discover a new horizon he decided to come to Vienna to be part of the development of Global Rockstar.

Being a horrible guitar player didn’t stop him from discovering new artists and musical styles through his vinyl collection. Digging into murky vinyl shops and village fairs is how he enjoys the most music discovery.

Oleksandr Katruk

Oleksandr Katruk is a developer. He has master degree in Electronic engineering of Kyiv Polytechnic University,

learning about programming of microcontrollers, that can be implemented in medicine devices. 

He is in IT sphere since 2011 once he graduated University.

Besides he dedicates himself to IT his hobby is painting. Few years ago he gathered a team of people and launched studio that creates street wear clothing. Several famous magazines published about their unusual designs.

Mykola Surygin
IT Project manager

Mykola Surygin is an IT Project manager with an extensive experience in Finance, Industrial and Entertainment industries.

He is a keen traveler and lived in most parts of the world. His passion in music started at high school and university years when he was rapping in an underground band named SCA well-known in Kyiv.

Though Mykola's biggest passion in cars both building and racing them. Mykola is building his own project cars and participating in time attack, rally and track day events.

Maryna Semeniuk

Maryna Semeniuk graduated from the National Aviation University, Faculty of Electronics. She has been working in the quality control department since 2012. 

Maryna likes to share her experience and knowledge, that's why in 2013, she started teaching activities in IT courses. She also helps people who want to start their career in IT to find their way in the direction of testing. She is constantly developing and improving her skills and knowledge.

As for personal qualities, she likes sports and travelling.