BE PART OF THE Streaming success

Invest in new hits and earn royalties for up to 70 years

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Be part of the success of streaming!

Music streaming generated more than 11 billion EUR in 2020 thanks to a 20% increase in streaming revenue, which now generates more than 60% of total global recorded music revenues.

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Participate in recurring revenues!

An investment in the right track can be a true jackpot. If you purchase 1% of future royalties of a track for 100 EUR, and this track reaches 50 million streams on Spotify in the first year, you'll make approximately 1.875 EUR. 

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Support artists to take the next step!

Invest in new hit songs and support artists to reach the next level.

As a fan your reward is to watch and follow the success of your selected song and artist. Above all that you will participate in its monetary success! 

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