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National Winner 2015 (Rwanda)


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kigali, Rwanda

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MUSIC FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT (MPD) is a company with an aim is to build peace, development and humanity through music, it promotes Rwanda reggae artists and even musicians of other genre and
fields. MPD was created by a RWANDA REGGAE ARTIST known as 2T, he was born on 1st August,1984 in Rwanda; being born in a family of singers( father, mother and siblings) 2T got a chance to practice and perform almost every twice a week in a big crowd of people, this was every Friday and Saturday in church, even though his parents were in commercial farming business, they were as well singers in church.

Since childhood, 2T had always passionately loved to sing, which drove him to join different groups of singers, this started when at the age of 5 years he formed a group consisting of him and his other siblings as well as also being in a children’s church choir. While pursuing his high school studies, 2T joined different choirs like Bons Amis choir at Gitwe college, La victoire choir at Bethel college, 2T later still in high school joined other singing and dancing groups like N2G(new guys group), T Sol.

During genocide in 1994 at the age of 9years, 2T (Rwanda reggae artist) lost his five brothers and his father so he survived with only his mother and 2 sisters, this led 2T to drop school for 2 years as he was not interested of school anymore, due to genocide trauma, his mother died later of cardiac disease, this left 2T with a hard task of life with her 2 sisters.

Even though difficulties here and there trying to hustle for life, 2T’s music passion didn’t stop, eventhough music was not found to be a productive profession in the Rwanda, 2T continued to find music as channel of healing, positive and constructive messages to himself, his country and as well to the whole world, this made him to continue music in conjunction with studies, and in 2005 he recorded his first song entitled SHOOT THE AIDS as at that time HIV/AIDS was being a second massive killer compared to what Genocide had donein 1994.

He continued his studies as a nurse and he finished his high school studies at Lyce de Kicukiro (APADE), he worked in King Faisal Hospital, Kigali and in 2008 He continued his college studies in Cicely McDonnell KENYA/NAIROBI, and still there he was still participating in different choirs like NCSDA youth choir, as well as he was a piano student in Whynton school of music at Yaya center/Nairobi.

Back in Rwanda, after Graduation in 2012, he worked again in King Faisal Hospital as an Accident and emergency nurse, and still music was a passion to him, then he decided to do music in a serious way than before, even though many people wonder how nursing carrier goes in hand with music carrier, but to him he found music and nursing as two carrier that have a same objective which is HEALING PEOPLE where music have a big impact on psychological healing and medication on body part.

He then recorded his first album entitled PEACE AND LOVE, which has peace, love, development, helping and health messages, he did it in a reggae style as reggae is his first loved and preferred style of music, as well as he founds it as a the best channel of positive and constructive messages.



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