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Verified artist
Mo Bic

Mo Bic

Hannover, Germany

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Mo Bic

Inspired from a hard past, leaving his homeland Congo and facing all the upcoming challenges in his new life in Germany. Mobic tells the story of his life with honest words underlined with catchy beats.

He is an artist, who had spent a lot of time compensating grief into aggressions. But It changed when he first discovered the band “The Jackson 5“. However the music helped him to lower all the pain in his soul. Thereby he plucked up courage and started putting emotions on paper. Just a short time later he joined numerous jams as a MC, which helped him to overcome his dark side of life.

In 2003, he established the band „Apocalypse“. The group impressed the underground scene and Mobic gained his first success as a musician. Four years later, he decided to go solo and started to compose his own album “Mein Blickwinkel“.

He recorded the track “Verzaubert“, which was featured by the German Playmate of the Year 2009 Mia Gray and was released in 2011. This song is a single release from the album “Mein Blickwinkel“.

In the same year he won the Newcomer-Contest hosted by the „The Dome 60“. That gave him the opportunity to participate in the warm-up for the TV-Show “RTLII Jubiläums-Super-Show“

Just a short time later, he met German actor Jürgen Trovato, who is also a passionate musician. Together they founded a music project to record the song “Augenblick im Regen“.

In 2012, he once more proved his vocals skills by finishing second in the Newcomer-Contest.

Thanks to his strong self-belief and burning ambition he finally gets the chance to release his own solo album “Mein Blickwinkel“ produced by Label / 7Skillz from Stuttgart.

It's more than just a collection of 16 songs for the Congolese born MC. In fact, it tells his story, all the aims he did not follow and all the struggles he had to face. The self reflection which made him stronger and of course the love which always kept his dreams alive.



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