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National Winner 2015 (Japan)

Saitara-Bushi (Homare ver.)

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Tokyo, Japan

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新感覚の民謡ユニット ネオバラッド
<<New type of Japanese traditional ‘Min-yo’ duo >>

NeoBallad was formed in April, 2012. It is a new type of Japanese folk song‘Min-yo’ duo with electronic sound with Sachi Wakasa, a powerful vocalist, and Wataru Kamiryo, a critically acclaimed drummer and composer.Sachi, born in Fukushima Prefecture, started her singing career when she won first prize in several national Min-yo contests as a young schoolgirl.Wataru, who has a metronomic drumming style, has played drums for many well-recognized musicians.

NeoBallad has a new sound which is a combination of exquisite Japanese traditional‘Min-yo' style vocals, lyrics and electronic music with drums. They have used the traditional‘Min-yo' songs handed down through generations in every region of Japan in exciting pop and avant-garde musical settings of rock and techno, creating a new genre that has found widespread popularity, with their audience saying“old but new!”

Sachi is a unique vocalist who earns the nickname of ‘natural-born vocaloid', as well as dancer, who dances with voluptuous grace and sometimes adds humor by comical movements. She is a diva who infuses new breath into Min-yo world and represents the new generation of Japanese culture.

The audience can't help clapping time with their hands, as they listen to NeoBallad's unique Japanese ‘Min-yo' rhythms and melodies arranged in a wide musical variety. Sachi adds fluid motion to these by dancing with a Japanese fan(’sensu') and a lucky hammer, creating a celebratory atmosphere at every performance and making it is a must-watch for all music lovers!

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