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Bristol, United Kingdom

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Sparticus Gee is a lovely fellow who also happens to be an uncaged animal crossed with a machine or better.. a Ma'Geeeeene! See what we did there?
If you've read thus far, it is likely you will be witness to this behemoth of a life force in the near future, so we won't spoil the experience for you by banging on about it in the virtual world, other than to say..

Short version- Born in heaven and raised by Wonderwoman, Dan de Monium has enough energy to give the sun a run for its money,, and enjoys a less than normal lifestyle, oft' heard about at shows.
Long version- Well the pic says it all really.. Want to know more? Indulge us by getting ya bum off the sofa and to the next Shambolique show where Mr. De Monium will tell you all you need to know.. (through a microphone)
Basic ingredients: (tallest first)

Arriving on board the Shambolique Enterprise earlier this year, Tomo has become a fully fledged chaos captain in his own right, having earnt his colours at various festivals over the summertime and beyond..
With an innate ability to draw your very soul into space with a limitless array of guitar chops, slices and spangles, there will be no turning back for you. But you knew that..

Accidentally tripping over, hitting his head and waking up behind a drum kit at a Shambolique show, The Ocean of Power (real name- The Ocean of Power) has stuck with us like burnt egg on a carboot frying pan..
So... ahem.. If you feel the need to have your soul cleansed of all sin, come and swim in the depths of the Ocean of Power in all his tidal might and achieve ultimate musical expurgation. Word.
Dan de Monium
The Ocean of Power
Shambolique are a very energetic band comprising 3 vocals, guitar, bass and drums.
Sounds like a regular setup right. WRONG.. Why? Because as luck would have it, they come pre-cooked at 400° for 9 months and served on a bed of harmonic tomfoolery.
Having formed in Bristol in November 2013, Shambolique began life as an acoustic band, recording their first two demos with drummers Clive Deamer (Portishead/Roni Size), Maff Scott (The Egg) and award winning violinist Gina Griffin.
After a few months of shows, the departure of Gina and arrival of guitarist james Tomlinson, the band have morphed into a warp speed terrorism of Thrashfunk gypsygroove chaos with enough energy to rival a nuclear power plant.
Having made a welcome disturbance on the Bristol circuit, Shambolique’s first summer of 2014 saw shows at Small Worlds Festival, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Bestival.
Currently working on a set of new songs to take to the summer festvial of 2015, the band are also set to release their first music video in March so WATCH THIS SPACE......................................................................................... .............actually don't watch that space as there just aren't enough dots in the computer to stretch till March.. You'll have to amuse yourselves as you see fit until then.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom

My music

My videos

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