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VEiiLA - Animal (official music video 2015)

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Saint-Petrersburg, Russia

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VEiiLA, electronic duo
When life is a wild and wicked road…
The birth of VEiiLA was conceived many years ago but has only recently come into being. It all started with Vif Nüte (singer-songwriter) from a small isolated town laying beneath a volcano in the Russian Far East. With Itelmen (“Russian Indians”, indigenous people of that area revering for Kutkh, the Big-Raven spirit) roots Vif had traditional music education and played with local folk orchestra for a while. The small, local communities of Itelmens, Korean and Chinese immigrants and geologists who studied the volcanoes culturally shaped Vif’s mind. Althought she was in love with the incredible beauty of the seismic nature surrounding her, Vif decided to hit the road at 17 running from the stagnant and monotone local life.
The next important chapter in VEiiLA’s emerging took place upon Vif’s arrival in Saint Petersburg, where she was invited to sing for a nameless young band. It was on this night that she met Bes Eired (producer and musician). Like old friends, they delved into stories of music and of breaking borders – nationally, culturally, structurally… They had started several music projects, one achieved national success, before the final evolution of VEiiLA took hold. It emerged from many months of isolation in the studio with Animal, the first single where Vif’s rousing singing was wrapped in turbulent synths blended with techno beats and cinematic strings. And so the story begins…
A bit of dry facts
VEiiLA birthday is 15th July 2014.
The band’s name (pronounced as [Vei-lah]) comes from European mythical creature veela, which is believed to be inconceivably beautiful woman with seductive magical voice. Men who gaze upon a her fall instantly in love, and women go so far as to take their own lives at the sight of such beauty.
Members of VEiiLA with their previous music projects had made it to the national level with TV live-broadcast and big festivals. Although they prefer not to share names and details in order to make VeiiLA pure brand new start.
VEiiLA’s first appearance on the web was with the live video for the song Animal captured at the roof in Saint-Petersburg downtown.
In the first three months of VEiiLA’s life the band had performed at several interesting events including NAMM Musikmesse, with headlining Nathan East, or jam-packed private party on the sailing boat. Also VEiiLA got the Best Keyboardist prize at Yamaha Band Contest 2014.
For live playing VEiiLA uses hardware vintage synthesizers and sequencers along with samplers and laptop with Abletone Live.
From autumn 2014 to spring 2015 the duo had been working on their first EP and music videos. Generally it was the time of shaping the desirable sound and style for the band. With Vif’s authentic and unique background the duo wanted to achieve the big and pulsing sound that could be the best soundtrack for western road movie. Sonically the duo members took influences in cinematographic orchestral music, old school rave and modern electropop to translate the blend of raw power of nature and constant motion of big cities into sounds. The name of the EP Chrysalis reveals the emotional side of the production process: the duo literally confined themselves in their home studio for months of isolation. That was done to help Vif and Bes to come over their previous musical activities and to get clear idea of the sound and the style they wanted to create.
The “Chrysalis” EP had been released on June, 25th, 2015 with one day pre-release stream at the Canadian blog The REVUE. The EP is available at the band’s official store as well as on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon etc.



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