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Let us kick-start your career!

For a success in today's music business, money and marketing know-how are as important as your talent! We're here to provide the investments that you need! We're here to distribute, promote and market your track digitally worldwide!

We're Global Rockstar!

Global Rockstar is a record label fully attuned to the needs and chances of artists in the digital age.

We boost the career of up-and-coming talents and enable artists to earn more royalties than with any other label!

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We're currently looking for new talents.

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If you get approved, we enable the financing of your production and its worldwide distribution & marketing.

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We're specialized in the digital exploitation of music with a strong focus on music streaming services and playlist promotion.

If you want to give your track the chance to get viral, we're the right partners for you.

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Streaming is the future! 

Be part of the fast growing revenues from music streaming services!

We take care of the financing of your track, its distribution & marketing.

3 month after the release of your track, you'll get detailed monthly reports and you'll receive your royalty payments on the dashboard of your account.

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No costs will arise for you.

All investments are made by music fans on the platform to finance your production and its marketing.

Our contracts are limited to one track.

You'll stay free for all future releases.

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Register, send us links of your music and you'll get quick feedback from our team. If we believe that we can help to boost your career, we'll help you to raise the investments needed. Stay free for all your future releases!

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With our deep understanding and love for all creative people in the business, we want to support you to get your career started!

Our innovative model allows to give artists the maximum royalties for their work, while taking care of efficient marketing.

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We have dedicated our lives to support up-and-coming talents in the music business.

We are aiming to be the most artist-friendly label in the industry.

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Global Rockstar is a crowdinvesting platform, a music label and a music publishing company created to support musicians.
We offer artists the possibility to present their Projects on our platform to get investments for the production and marketing of unreleased tracks with the support of music lovers. This is how it works:

  • First steps:​

    1. Register as artist to Global Rockstar.
    2. Submit your newest unreleased track by sending us links to We're looking forward to hearing your music! 
    3. The Global Rockstar team will evaluate your submission and will provide you with personal feedback within 48 hours. 
    4. If our A&R team believes that we can help to give you a relevant career boost, you are enabled to create your own Project on Global Rockstar. Only artists approved by our A&R team can access the "Project creation page".
  • What kind of music are we looking for? Basically, everything that has the chance to succeed in today's charts and the most popular playlists on Spotify and Apple music. We're looking for excellent songwriting, interesting harmonies, great vocal- and instrumental- performances, catchy toplines and cool up-to-date sounds and beats.  We like all genres of music, but we'll approve mainly artists with submissions on the highest quality level that are able to compete in the international music business and charts. Your production does not have to be finished, and we'll approve it if we hear excellent songwriting, interesting harmonies, great melodies and great potential concerning the vocal performances. Please note: We are not looking for instrumental tracks.

    • What is a Project on Global Rockstar? A Project gives you the opportunity to get investments for the production and marketing of your track. A Project is a public page displaying your artist name, your picture, a video including an extract of your track and a personal message from you in which you briefly explain what you want to achieve. A Project also displays your funding goal (the total budget you wish to achieve), the duration of the Project (how long it is running), and texts explaining your offer to fans, music lovers and investors. Here's an example of a Project page:
    • Why create a Project? Talent, money and marketing know-how are essential to get the chance to succeed in today's music business. You bring the talent, music lovers and investors on the platform bring the money (every user can invest in your Project if he or she likes your track) and we take care of distribution, marketing and royalty accounting (distribution and payment of the revenues generated by streams and downloads) of your track. This innovative and unique model allows to get you a higher share of royalties, and therefore higher revenues than with any other music label. At the same time, you'll get a budget to improve your production and a budget to promote and market the resulting master with our full support. 
    • How much money do you need for production? According to your needs, you define in your Project how much money you wish to raise for your music production, your videoclip or your artwork: You might need additional budgets to pay for a state-of-the-art mix or mastering in order to bring your track to the next level. Alternatively, you might need a videoclip or a photo shooting for your cover. Once you are approved by our A&R team, you can enter these budgets on the Project creation page according to your needs. If you are an artist who needs help to find the right producer, sound/mixing engineer or mastering engineer, we're happy to connect you with experienced and successful producers or engineers from our international network to enable the best possible results for the music production of your track.
    • How much money do you need for marketing? While creating your Project, we'll help you with recommendations concerning the investments needed in playlist promotion, radio promotion and advertisements. You can choose the marketing measures that best fit your needs. If you're insecure what the best marketing measures for your track might be, we have added recommendations on the Project creation page, but you can always contact us in order to get help finding the best and most efficient marketing measures to give your track the boost that it deserves.
    • Why is a marketing budget so important? If you have ever released a track by yourself without investing at least a few hundred Euro in efficient promo and marketing, you know what happens: You end up with a few hundred streams on Spotify or Apple Music and you wonder why your track does not go viral. This is absolutely normal and does not say anything about the quality of your music: Without marketing investments, all big hits that you know would never have been a success. A marketing budget allows to get placements in playlists with hundreds of thousands of followers, it allows the promotion of your track to radio stations and it allows advertisements in e.g. Spotify or Youtube. These measures are essential to get your track known and to give it a professional initial kick. If your track is a hit, such a boost can be enough to get it viral.
    • What do you offer to music lovers, fans and investors in return for their investment? Every user who invests in your track becomes a "shareholder" of your track. This means that he or she earns a share of the revenues generated by every stream and download of your track. While creating your Project, you decide how many % of net royalties (net royalties = all revenues generated by streams and downloads of your track less a firm distribution fee of 25%)  you want to keep for yourself, and how many shares you want to sell to fans & music lovers. Here's an example for a better understanding: Let's say you need 2.000 EUR to improve your production and would like to push your track with a marketing budget of 3.000 EUR, then the total funding goal of your Project equals 5.000 EUR. If you choose to sell 50% of net royalties to music fans and investors on the platform, 1% of net royalties will be available for 100 EUR. You will keep 50% of net royalties for yourself. 
    • Why shouldn't you use other music distribution platforms (aggregators) without giving away any royalty shares to investors? Well, you can, but then you'll need to take the risk of the investment in your track all by yourself and you will have to do the job of a promoter and marketing manager if you want to be successful. We believe that artists should be able to focus on their creative work, and we offer to do the rest for you. With Global Rockstar as partner, you get cash for your production without taking a personal financial risk, and you get a reliable, experienced and successful label who supports you with marketing and promotion.
    • What happens after you have created your Project? Global Rockstar then publishes your Project on the the platform to call for investments from music lovers. Together with you, we'll promote your project using our best efforts.
    • What do investors get in return? Users who buy royalty shares of your track are then entitled (if your project reaches its funding goal) to receive future royalties from all streams and downloads of your track.
    • What if the funding goal of your Project is not reached? If the project is not successfully funded (if the full amount of needed investments is not raised until the end of the project duration), all investors payments are refunded 1:1.
    • What happens if the funding goal is reached? If your project is successfully funded, the contract with Global Rockstar concerning your track enters in force. You are then signed to the Global Rockstar music label for this one track but you will still stay free for all your future releases. 
    • Where do the investments from investors go? If your project is successfully funded, the money raised for your production will be transferred to your dashboard on Global Rockstar less a 10% handling fee. Global Rockstar will distribute the track worldwide in all relevant streaming- and download-services and market it using the collected funds for marketing. You don't need to worry about playlist promo, radio promo or the booking of ads. We'll take care of it all to give your track the chance that it deserves to succeed! We will provide you with reports concerning the taken marketing measures and their results.
    • When and how do you get your revenues from streams and downloads? 3 months after the release of your track, you will receive your first royalty payments. Your revenues will be displayed in the dashboard of your account, and you'll get detailed reports concerning all your revenues from streams and downloads. You can then withdraw your earnings from your dashboard to your bank account.
    • We can't wait to hear from you!

    ​Why choose Global Rockstar?

    A more artist-friendly model enabling higher revenues for emerging artists

    One essential rule of the music business is valid until today : One of ten releases from a record label becomes a hit. Eight of ten releases do not even recoup the production costs of the track. In the traditional music industry, it’s the successful artists that are paying for the flops of the non-successful artists. Global Rockstar was created to change that.

    Since record labels cannot survive as not non-profit organizations, all costs for flops that are produced, released and marketed must be recouped by the hits. It’s clear that labels listed on the stock exchange are striving for maximum profit, and therefore they would traditionally pay out a very small share of royalties (the money generated by the commercial exploitation of the recordings) to artists in order to be able to recoup the flops and also generate good profits. As a consequence, successful artists in the traditional music business model pay for the non-successful productions and also finance an outdated and expensive infrastructure with offices around the world, storages for non profitable physical products, company cars, high salaries for label executives etc... Due to the drastic changes in the industry (success of streaming, digitalization, decline of revenues from physical record sales), many of these expenses can be saved and the difference can be added to the artists revenues.

    This is why Global Rockstar has launched an artist-friendly model: We give music lovers and private investors the opportunity to become „shareholders“ of new tracks by up-and-coming talents. In this way, the risk of the investment is taken by private people who believe in a potential success of the track. Therefore, our music label does not have to finance flops by reducing the artist’s royalty share, and we can let our artists earn a much higher share of the revenues generated from the commercial exploitation of their tracks.

    In contracts with traditional labels, an artist earns roughly 5% of the worldwide revenues generated by his recorded music (including all traditional deductions in record contracts, optimized in the last 70 years for the labels).
    In our contracts, the artist chooses how many % of royalties he wants to keep for himself, and how many shares he wishes to sell to music lovers (who finance with their investment the production and marketing of the track). This way, Global Rockstar artists can earn up to 15 times the money that they would earn with traditional music labels.

    A new model to find out if you have a hit

    As stated above, it’s a fact that one out of ten releases becomes a hit (it goes without saying that we are always talking of technically and artistically high quality productions).

    Without any marketing investment and marketing know-how, this number is not valid.
    If you have written and produced a potential hit, but no one gets to know your music, nothing will happen after you release it unless you are the luckiest person in the world.
    That’s why a basic marketing investment is absolutely necessary to find out if you have a hit or not. Without a doubt, money is needed for this, and someone has to pay and take the risk. The Global Rockstar model offers music lovers to take that risk, and in return for their investment they earn a share of the revenues generated from every stream and download.

    No one can tell for sure which track will finally become a big success, since factors like luck or the right timing make it unpredictable.
    But if you give 10 tracks the same chances to succeed by investing in streaming promotion, radio promotion and advertisements, the one track that people like the most will be quickly identifiable. A real hit is unstoppable and might not need a lot of further investments, since it can get viral from there.

    Global Rockstar offers the possibility to raise the money for such an initial marketing kick without reducing the artist’s royalties. Global Rockstar has built a vast international network of promoters and has the know-how to market new releases in the digital age.
    So, artists do not only get a worldwide distribution but also an experienced partner while earning more money than with traditional labels.

    DIY distribution vs. The Global Rockstar model

    Nowadays, it is easy for artists to get their tracks distributed digitally worldwide.
    DIY (do it yourself) distribution might be a solution for artists who also want to spend their time and money with promo and marketing. Sure, they might even be able to keep a higher share of royalties for themselves, but no DIY distributor (aggregator) offers marketing for the track or invests in promotion.

    Without marketing money and know how, nothing will happen even if the quality of the music is excellent.

    If you take the risk of investing in marketing by yourself, you might come in the situation to spend 9 times a basic marketing budget of e.g. 2.500 EUR until you have a hit. Investing 22.500 EUR as a young talent can be really tough.

    The Global Rockstar model takes all of this headache away from you.
    If you are approved by our A&R team and create a successful project on Global Rockstar, we’ll do the rest and give you the initial kick that your track deserves.

    A new model where artists stay free

    When George Michael signed his first contract, he was 18 years old. And the contract he signed was for the coming 15 years! The traditional music business was always based on such deals: Basically the label’s opinion was always and still is in many cases „If we invest in you, we own you“. Global Rockstar was created to change that.

    We believe that no artist should be enchained with long term contracts and obligations, restrained to take his own artistic decisions. That’s why the Global Rockstar artist contracts concern only the one track of your successfully funded Project. If you want to move on after working with us on that track, that’s fine. If you were happy with the results and the partnership, we are happy to continue to work with you.


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    On Global Rockstar, you can invest in tracks of up-and-coming artists.
    You’ll earn royalties for 70 years from every stream and download of that track!
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