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About VEME

Lennart, Atakan and Chris formed VEME, a group of producers based in Cologne, Germany. Both Lennart and Chris have already shown a great interest in music in their early childhood and wanted to create their own music. Lennart started to produce Rap music in late 2017. In Early 2019 he decided to branch out and began producing Electronic Dance Music as well. Chris, Lennart decided to work together. They taught themselves everything they know about music and production. Half a year late, Atakan Onder joined VEME. He is already producing as "Atakan Onder" for almost ten years. He continues with his solo career but is still a team member of VEME. In 2020 they dropped "Who I Am" and they got on some big playlists on Spotify. Since that day, they working together as VEME trio, working on their Electronic Dance Music scene.

Nokto is an Icelandic duo started in 2018 by members Hermann Michael Rune and Guðmundur Jón Pálmason.
When they started they set out with one goal, to make "feel-good" dance music and have been releasing exactly that ever since. They have played at most of Icelands biggest clubs and festivals and the future looks bright.

Petropaul is a songwriter born in 1994. His self-taught passion for music brought him to explore and experiment acoustic and electronic sounds from a very young age. Through his source of inspiration his poetry holds the key to escape from a stark reality.

About "Boxes"

Release: 2022

Current State: Master

Investment: All-or-nothing

Earn from: streams 

Break-even: approximately 2,2 Mio streams on Spotify

Who doesn't need a good song to dance to after this year? "Boxes" is the new song of VEME, Nokto and Petropaul. This is the song you've been waiting for. The deep house beat stays in your mind and for sure in your playlists, once you've heard it. Singer and Songwriter Petropaul adds the perfect vibe to it and delivers a catchy melody. 

With all of them having over 100.000 streams themselves on Spotify it's safe to say this song will be a success! We see this song in many playlists and are sure that this will perform outrageous. Get your share now, support these great artists and profit from it for 70 years!

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