Can't resist


United Kingdom
dance, electronic, pop

About Eva-Lina

It's crazy what's happening here! Eva-Lina has been building up her monthly listeners from 2K to 118k monthly listeners in just two months now! That's an increase of 5800%!!! Eva-Lina's opportunities are always sold out in the blink of an eye - probably because everyone is aware that the pretty Swede could go through the roof at any time and the chance to be one of the first discoverers can be there tomorrow! Since the launch of her first track of her EP on 3 September 2021, her Spotify Popularity Index has simply recorded a 135% increase - in less than 50 days!!

With one of her latest release "I am the Ex now" she made it to the Editorial playlist "New Music Friday UK" (over 790.000 listeners) and "New Dance Revolution" (over 66K listeners)! WOW, right? To make it into the official "New Music Friday UK" playlist, in THE pop music country par excellence, you really have to have a lot of potential as an artist. To put it in a nutshell: Spotify already has an eye on our talented Eva-Lina. So you should be quick and get your share to be safe and earn with every single stream and every radio play worldwide from "It's not even your birthday" for the next 70 years.

But that's not the whole success story of Eva-Lina: Currently, the pretty Swede inspires especially the young generation on TikTok: with a single video she currently reached over 666K views and on her channel she has more than a total of 378K likes. She therefore has the perfect basis for announcing the song on the social media platform even before its release and push it to a maximum!

About "Can't resist"

Planned release: 26.11.2021

Investment: Keep-it-all

Earn on: streams & radio

Break-even: approximately 3,2 Mio streams on Spotify

Eva-Lina is an all-round talent - as a singer, as well as songwriter to producer, the pretty Swede can convince on every single role. So you better be quick now and grab one of the highly coveted shares as she is as well getting more and more attention in her home country, since she was introduced and interviewed a couple of times on Swedish radio and got featured in some international media. Jump on the wagon and make sure to join her constantly growing fanbase!

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