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By Anna-Sophie


Join Anna-Sophie's exciting musical journey with her album "Farewell". Five songs already funded on Global Rockstar. With 17 million streams and growing, her music is on the rise. "Breathe" features on top playlists and charts.

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Premiere "Final Goodbye & Boyfriend" - 13.10.2023

"Final Goodbye" by Anna-Sophie: A powerful song expressing liberation from a toxic relationship. The lyrics convey the strength to move on, leaving behind heartbreak and embracing a final farewell with determination and resolve.

"Boyfriend" by Anna-Sophie: An empowering anthem celebrating self-love and independence. The lyrics reveal a journey from heartbreak to self-empowerment, declaring the ability to be one's own source of strength and love.

Premiere "Stupid Mind" - 06.10.2023

"Stupid Mind" by Anna-Sophie: An emotionally charged track about the relentless grip of a past love. It vividly portrays the struggle to move forward while haunted by memories. A moving reflection on love's lingering impact.

Premiere "Compensation" - 29.09.2023

"Compensation" by Anna-Sophie unfolds a raw confession of a broken heart. The lyrics reveal a struggle between the desire for love and the haunting memory of a past relationship. It's a touching reminder that sometimes, healing takes precedence over new beginnings.

Premiere "2 Still On My Mind" - 22.09.2023

"Still On My Mind" by Anna-Sophie: A heartfelt reflection on a past love, reminiscing about shared adventures and the enduring presence of a former flame in the singer's thoughts.

Premiere "2 Hearts Breaking" - 15.09.2023

"2 Hearts Breaking" by Anna-Sophie captures the bittersweet essence of two souls entangled in a turbulent dance. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of longing, hope, and the struggle to erase painful memories while preserving a precious love.

Premiere "Bare Minimum" - 08.09.2023

"Bare Minimum" by Anna-Sophie is a heartfelt ballad about love's rollercoaster. From sweet beginnings to painful endings, it's a plea for more than just the basics in a relationship.

Premiere "I Choose You" - 01.09.2023

"I Choose You" by Anna-Sophie is a heartfelt declaration of love. It celebrates the unique connection between two people, choosing each other above all else. It's a song of joy, gratitude, and the beauty of finding true love.

Premiere "Scorpio Heart" - 28.08.2023

"Scorpio Heart" by Anna-Sophie is an electrifying anthem, celebrating the allure of a mysterious lover with a wild side. The leather-clad Scorpio leads a thrilling ride through passion and danger, leaving an unforgettable mark.

Don't miss your chance to join the exciting journey of pop sensation Anna-Sophie with her upcoming album "Farewell." Secure shares in 9 of the 14 captivating songs, as 5 have already gained funding and support on Global Rockstar.

Anna-Sophie's musical magnetism has captivated streaming platforms, accumulating a staggering 17 million streams across major services. Her recent surge of over a quarter-million streams in the past month highlights her upward trajectory, setting the stage for "Farewell" to reach new heights.

The impact of "Breathe" is undeniable, featuring on prestigious playlists like Apple Music's "A-List Pop," "New Music Daily," and "Neu in Pop," as well as Spotify's renowned "Pop Brandneu." With a successful 6-week run in the Austrian charts, it's clear Anna-Sophie's music transcends streaming, resonating on traditional radio.

Now is your opportunity to be part of Anna-Sophie's meteoric rise. Invest in "Farewell" and enjoy the benefits for 70 years. Join the pop sensation's journey and embrace the boundless possibilities as she continues to soar. Seize this moment to invest in "Farewell" and secure your place in this unparalleled musical voyage.

Farwell - Tracklist:
1. Breathe
2. Scorpio Heart
3. I Choose You
4. Fast Lane
5. Insanity
6. Bare Minimum
7. 2 Hearts Breaking
8. Still On My Mind
9. Compensation
10. Stupid Mind
11. Final Goodbye
12. Better Off
13. Boyfriend
14. Take Control
Anna-Sophie -  Scorpio Heart
Anna-Sophie -  I Choose You
Anna-Sophie -  Bare Minimum
Anna-Sophie -  2 Hearts Breaking
Anna-Sophie -  Still On My Mind
Anna-Sophie -  Compensation
Anna-Sophie -  Stupid Mind
Anna-Sophie -  Final Goodbye
Anna-Sophie -  Boyfriend

About Anna-Sophie

Anna-Sophie, named after her two grandmothers, is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Austria. She is a multi-instrumentalist, mastering the piano and guitar. Growing up in the countryside, Anna-Sophie learned at a young age, how to sing and train her voice and of course, how to drive a tractor. 14 years later she stuck to music and impresses with a voice raspy and fruity, redolent to the singer Halsey. 
 Next to music, Anna-Sophie is also very passionate about sports and fitness as well as advocacy in the eating disorder community. Once living through her own fight with this sickness, she is now a prime example of how to recover from an eating disorder and become healthier, stronger and happier than ever. 
Anna-Sophie's amazing potential was discovered by the Global Rockstar A&R team in 2019. Her debut single "Bad Habits" was produced by Johannes Römer, an internationally successful music producer whose hits are currently climbing up the European charts. Since then Anna-Sophie has released one hit single after the other and is one of Global Rockstar's top artists to keep an eye on.

The standard route for an Austrian artist to reach international fame is to first take over Austria and after that go for Germany, and Anna-Sophie is playing that game like a pro. Anna-Sophie cracked that german music market nut by getting on daily rotation for months on end on one of the biggest, most influential radio stations in Germany: Bayern 3. You know the drill, you get one - you get them all. Shortly after Germany's second-biggest radio station Bayern 1 started playing her. After being played on Bayern 1 & 3 numerous other radio stations followed, not just from Germany but far across the borders of the DACH-Region. Anna-Sophie is getting up to 200 radio plays a day in over 15 countries worldwide. 

There are no questions left regarding Anna-Sophie being a success story, she has already proven that she is one.

You get

Net Proceeds from the commercial exploitation of the master rights and publishing rights of the recordings and the songs "Scorpio Heart", "I Choose You", "Bare Minimum", "2 Hearts Breaking", "Still On My Mind", "Compensation", "Stupid Mind", "Song 8 - TBA 13.10.23" & "Song 9 - TBA 20.10.23" for 70 years.,Net Proceeds master rights: All incurring revenues from the exploitation of the master rights (streams, downloads, sync rights – when used for commercials or in movies) less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm distribution fee of 25%.,Net Proceeds publishing rights: All incurring revenues from the exploitation of the publishing rights (from the publisher’s share from radio plays, live performances and sync rights) less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm handling fee of 10%.,You will receive your first proceed statement from streams and downloads approx. 4 months after the release, followed by monthly statements. After that, you will be able to see your earnings on the dashboard of your account and withdraw your earnings or reinvest them in other Projects.,Revenues from publishing rights will be distributed after our receipt from the collecting societies of the different countries where the track is played on radios and TV. Please note that the collection of these revenues might take up to 1,5 years from the time that the track is played on the radio.

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Global Rockstar is a Fintech company & music rights marketplace which allows fans and retail investors to become shareholders in hit songs while offering artists and rights owners a new financing ecosystem via crowd-investing.

Fans and retail investors can purchase the rights to participate in revenues from newly created and already existing music rights, and secure the purchased rights including conjoined digital cover artwork animations as smart contracts in the blockchain. .

Disclaimer: In addition to offering a great opportunity, an investment in a song also entails risks. Nobody can know for sure if a song becomes a hit and you might not recoup your investment within the desired time frame, or in the worst case, at all. The history of music shows: While a big majority or releases do not even recoup their production costs, one becomes a huge hit. Therefore, we advise splitting your investments into several opportunities.

Investors are aware, that the concrete investments is no savings product and that they bear the risk to lose this invested money partially, in total or that they potentially do not earn a return on their investment.

Investors are also aware that the investment is not secured through a security instrument or an official deposit protection system. For further information, please read the risk notice contained in the “Informationsblatt für Anleger” (for Austrians only).