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Jenifer's Eurovision Song 2018

Until the morning light

Hi ESC lovers! If you believe that I should represent San Marino at the ESC 2018, then vote for me by becoming a shareholder of my track!

Thank you for your vote

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Jenifer Brening

Jenifer Brening

Lauingen (Donau), Germany

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€ 8000
pledged of a max. € 8000 goal!

Final production sneak peek

Jenifer's Eurovision Song 2018

For the first time in history, you can become part of a Eurovision Song and earn money from every stream and download for 70 years! If you invest in my track, you also vote for me: The candidate with the highest funding until 3.03 will receive the highest number of points in the public vote!

I am Jenifer Brening, and I participate in San Marino's national finals for the Eurovision 2018! I believe that my Song has the potential to go to Lisbon 2018! This Song is truly me and what I represent, so I believe that this could be a good entire package that would attract attention among all candidates participating in the ESC!  I am inviting you to join me on my journey!

In my video, you can hear a preview of my Song "Until the morning light" in an unplugged version. With your investment, we will bring this Song to the next level: We'll be producing it with the best musicians, arrangers and mixers, in order to give it a modern sound that fits on one side to the Eurovision, but also to all European radio stations.

I am now inviting you to become a shareholder of my track and to earn money from every stream and download of my track for the term of copyright (average 70 years).

If you invest in me and my Song, and I win the 1in360 final for San Marino's ESC preselection on the 3rd of March 2018, I will perform it at the Eurovision 2018 in front of up to 200 Mio. viewers, and you will make an awesome deal!

If I am not winning San Marino's ESC preselection, don't worry: We are going to release and market my track worldwide anyway! I believe that it could be a big hit! If you believe this also, make a pledge and let's work on a hit together!

The decision which Artist and Song will represent San Marino at the ESC 2018 will be taken by a combined public and jury vote and announced in the final live TV-show on the 3rd of March! Whether it's going to be me or not, you will then receive your Royalty certificate and the Royalty agreement that entitle you to receive your Royalties for each stream and download of my track! Because, in any case, we'll do everything to make it big!

The jury and the public will each award points according to the Eurovision system (12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points). Whoever achieves the highest funding amount via Global Rockstar will receive 12 points in the public vote. If more than one candidate raises the same amount, all of them will receive the same number of points and the pool of the remaining points will be reduced accordingly. For example, if two candidates receive 12 points, the next best candidate will receive 8 points. If two candidates receive the same number of points from the jury and the public, the jury vote prevails.

Click on the button below to know everything about the Royalty certificate and agreement, in order to understand exactly which rights you purchase.

My offers

​I am offering you Royalties from the commercial exploitation of the Master Rights from the final production of my Song "Until the morning light". This means, every time the track is streamed, downloaded, compiled to a CD or licensed to a third party, you earn money! And this for the next 70 years!

For an investment of 2€, you will be entitled to receive 0.0125% of future net royalties. Of course, you can choose a higher amount of shares, if you wish, up to all available shares. Then we will have to reach together approx 2.6 Mio of streams on Spotify, so that you break even. For comparison only, Loreen's "Euphoria" has reached 120 Mio of streams on Spotify until today, and Ed Sheeran's "Shape of you" is currently at 1.617 Mio streams on Spotify! This is the potential! Let's go for it!​

This project is successfully funded
Sold out

Make a Pledge, and you'll receive this share of the Net Royalties from the exploitation of the Master rights of my track for 70 years!

You'll earn money every time the track is streamed, downloaded, compiled to a CD or licensed to a third party​.

​Net Royalties: All incurring revenues from the commercial exploitation of the Master less taxes and less a firm handling charge of 10%  (including payment partner fees) and a firm distribution fee of 15%.

0% left


Jenifer Brening was born on December 15, 1996 in Berlin.

She started to sing at an early age. Her talent was recognized quickly and she was encouraged to realize her dreams.

As a "digital native" she discovered YouTube as her platform, of course, and published several cover versions of international hits. Inspired by musical role models such as Rihanna, Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera she developed her own and unique vocal style. Her fanbase grew and thousands of clicks were motivation and endorsement to go on.

Numerous invitations for national and international casting shows followed. At the show "The winner is", which which was produced by legendary John de Mol for the popular German TV station Sat 1, Jenifer reached the finals.

In December 2013 she released her debut single "Not That Guy" and won the category "Best Newcomer 2014" at the EMMAwards.

In 2014 two more singles followed.

In 2015 Jenifer released her first self-written single "ASAP" and straight away reached top placements at the national and international club and sales charts (iTunes and Amazon).

With her second single which was released in January 2016, she topped this. "Miracle" got a lot of attention by several renovated radio and tv stations at home and abroad. The song was also nominated in the category "Pop" at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards and won an international music competition in Kazakhstan.

By the end of 2016 the label KHB Music released her third single "Remember" and her long-awaited debut album "Recovery" followed soon thereafter. The album contains songs that Jenifer composed and wrote herself.
2017 also started very successfully. Jenifer Brening was invited by ARD, the German public boradcaster, to to perform an unplugged version of "Remember" at the "ARD.


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