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The album is nearing completion, listen to & invest in all 12 songs with just 1 investment. Song #1 has been released with more to follow monthly, culminating in the full release in November. Join now and embark on a musical journey with the Austrian-French artist.

Earn from

Earn from

streams & radio

Earn proceeds

Earn proceeds

for 70 years

First proceeds

First proceeds

4 mth after release


  • Rights:

    Master & Publishing Rights
  • Type:

    Participation Rights

  • Rights Holder:

    Global Rockstar

  • Status:

    Final stages

  • Release Date:

    November 2024

  • Contract Address:


  • Token Standard:


  • Blockchain:


  • Starting from:

    70.00 €

  • Break-even:

    25 Million Streams (Total of all 12 songs)


Hand with a coin
Hand with a coin
Hand with a coin
Hand with a coin
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Maximum amount per payment: 2,500€
30 Jun 2024, 12:00 CEST


Exciting news: ZOË's upcoming album "La vie en rosé" is in its final stages, with the production nearing completion. Listen to the preview of all songs below or chill to the preview animation of the 5 latest productions, giving you a glimpse of the magic to come. Additionally, the release schedule is set, with the first song scheduled for release in June, followed by monthly releases leading up to the grand album release in November of this year.

Now you have the chance to secure your shares as part of the third and final Early Bird sale window for ZOË's highly anticipated album "La vie en rosé"! Get in now before the final 10% of the 40% allotment is sold at full price (14.7% have already been sold in sale #1 & #2).

"La vie en rosé" isn't just an album; it's a 70-year investment in pure artistry. Own shares in all 12 enchanting songs and embark on a captivating musical journey with ZOË, the "Austrian with a French soul". Imagine swaying to elegant, minimalist arrangements reminiscent of Edith Piaf's timeless elegance, while ZOË's profound lyrics captivate your senses. This isn't just music; it's an intimate connection to her passion, transcending language and time. Join the journey, own a piece of her legacy, and let "La vie en rosé" color your world for decades to come.

Own a share of ALL 12 songs for 70 years and share in the success! Earn royalties from streams, radio, downloads, performances and more – every track, every platform.

ZOË's journey is a star-studded one: Eurovision, gold-status albums, millions of streams. Now, her 30,000+ loyal fans await "La vie en rosé". Don't miss out! Join the journey, invest in beauty, and own a piece of musical history.

ZOË -  Déraciné
ZOË -  Malade
ZOË -  Mademoiselle
ZOË -  Je t'aimerai
ZOË -  La fatigue
ZOË -  Carmen
ZOË -  Carousel
ZOË -  La vie en rosé
ZOË -  Nice
ZOË -  Laisse moi
ZOË -  La muse
ZOË -  Paname

About ZOË

ZOË's talent and love for music runs in the family - the 26-year-old Viennese is the daughter of Christof Straub, founder & CEO of Global Rockstar - himself a multi-platinum awarded artist, music producer and songwriter. ZOË has been active as a singer, songwriter and actress since 2013. Her songs are the product of musical collaborations with her father. 

In 2016, ZOË participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. With her song “Loin d’ici” she won 8th place in the public voting in which 42 countries participated.

The last years were marked by offspring, acting and music. She released two albums, her first one “Debut” even reached gold status in Austria. Along the way, ZOË also started her career as an actress: in addition to several series and film appearances, she could be seen in the first German Netflix production “Isi und Ossi”, as well as the most successful Austrian series of the last 10 years “Vorstadtweiber”, among others.

For her most recent release “Loin d’ici (far from here)”, a new, modern and up-to-date version of her 2016 ESC hit “Loin d’ici”, ZOË collaborated with shooting star Leonardo Davi. To date, the song has accumulated over 1.7 million Spotify streams and there's no slowing down.

ZOË is currently working on her third album "La vie en rosé" which will be released in spring 2024.

You get

Net Proceeds from the commercial exploitation of the master rights and publishing rights of the recordings and the songs "Déraciné", "Malade", "Mademoiselle", "Je t'aimerai", "La fatigue", "Carmen", "Carousel", "La vie en rosé", "Nice", "Laisse moi" & "La muse" of the album "La vie en rosé" for 70 years.,Net Proceeds master rights: All incurring revenues from the exploitation of the master rights (streams, downloads, sync rights – when used for commercials or in movies) less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm distribution fee of 25%.,Net Proceeds publishing rights: All incurring revenues from the exploitation of the publishing rights (from the publisher’s share from radio plays, live performances and sync rights) less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm handling fee of 10%.,You will receive your first proceed statement from streams and downloads approx. 4 months after the release, followed by monthly statements. After that, you will be able to see your earnings on the dashboard of your account and withdraw your earnings or reinvest them in other Projects.,Revenues from publishing rights will be distributed after our receipt from the collecting societies of the different countries where the track is played on radios and TV. Please note that the collection of these revenues might take up to 1,5 years from the time that the track is played on the radio.

“We envision a world where everyone benefits from the success of music: artists, creators, music rights owners and fans.”

Global Rockstar is a Fintech company & music rights marketplace which allows fans and retail investors to become shareholders in hit songs while offering artists and rights owners a new financing ecosystem via crowd-investing.

Fans and retail investors can purchase the rights to participate in revenues from newly created and already existing music rights, and secure the purchased rights including conjoined digital cover artwork animations as smart contracts in the blockchain. .

Disclaimer: In addition to offering a great opportunity, an investment in a song also entails risks. Nobody can know for sure if a song becomes a hit and you might not recoup your investment within the desired time frame, or in the worst case, at all. The history of music shows: While a big majority or releases do not even recoup their production costs, one becomes a huge hit. Therefore, we advise splitting your investments into several opportunities.

Investors are aware, that the concrete investments is no savings product and that they bear the risk to lose this invested money partially, in total or that they potentially do not earn a return on their investment.

Investors are also aware that the investment is not secured through a security instrument or an official deposit protection system. For further information, please read the risk notice contained in the “Informationsblatt für Anleger” (for Austrians only).