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Late Nights

Koffee K


About Koffee K

We are very proud to present you: KOFFFE K. To summarize his Spotify: KOFFE K has per song 2.2 million streams; 1.1 million streams or 900K streams - WITHOUT label, WITHOUT marketing budget, WITHOUT third party help. So it's easy to figure out what's possible when there are professionals assisting in the background here! His 43K monthly listeners are just waiting for him to finally release new music!

You are not a professional in the genre of Hip-Hop/Rap? No problem, we'll give you a quick briefing: KOFFE K  has already shared a stage at Metro Metro Festival in 2019 with Juice WRLD (33 million monthly listeners), Future (over 1 billion streams on one song), Cardi B (over a billion streams on one song), Snoop dogg (21 million monthy listeners) and co. 

He was also the opening act for Tory Lanez, a mulit-platinum artist and has had shows in Tokyo. This reference list for KOFFE K makes every hip hop/rap heart beat faster!!

The hip-hop/rap scene has already been at its peak for years. On Spotify, it almost feels like this genre rules the streams. Take the chance now and become part of this and benefit from every stream and every radioplay for the next 70 years!!! 

About "Late Nights"

Planned release: 07.01.2022

Investment: Keep-it-all

Earn on: streams & radio

Break-even: approximately 2,9 Million streams on Spotify

Koffe K is a 23 years old artist from Montreal. Growing up playing the piano and several other instruments since the age of 8, the young musician quickly developed a passion for music. 

He started releasing music in 2017 by dropping his first project called "KK Season" followed by singles and 3 other projects. A few months after his begins, promoters from Los Angeles heard about "KK Season" and invited him for a performance. He than managed to rack up millions of plays being totally independent to this day. 

Being versatile and an amazing live performer, Koffee K really has everything to make the audience connect with him through his music. Going back and forth in Los Angeles to perform and to work with other creatives, it won't take long for KK's to skyrocket into the mainstream. An artist to definitely keep an eye on!

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