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Legacy Hit: Loin d’ici

Be Part of ZOË's Eurovision 2016 Hit!

Rights: Master rights & Co-Publishing rights all versions including a brand new version of the Song

About ZOË

Get your Music NFT of a Eurovision final song!

We offer you to own a true part of ZOËs legendary Eurovision hit “Loin d’ici” from 2016. Your Music NFT comes with an exclusive cover artwork animation available in a limited edition. 

You’ll participate in all revenues from all versions of the song, including acoustic edits, remixes, and a brand new version that we will produce and release in time for the upcoming ESC 2022. 

You will earn money from streams, downloads, radio plays, TV, CDs, live performances and advertising deals for 70 years! And you will own a true collector's item that can increase in value among fans. In the future, your Music NFTs will be tradeable on the platform.

“Loin d’ici” has proven to generate stable revenues since 2016 - these will flow as long as the ESC exists and as long as the community celebrates its Eurovision highlights.

We observe regularly increases of streams and sales in the time around the yearly ESC, and we have developed a plan how to give the song an additional pushWe will revive the copyright by producing a brand new version as a duet from ZOË together with our upcoming star Leonardo Davi and will promote it heavily on social media with a focus on TikTok.

ZOË’s “Loin d’ici” is the first of a series of legacy hit Music NFTs we are offering on Global Rockstar. Stay tuned for more!

ZOË is a 24-years old singer, songwriter and actress from Vienna. Her first album “Debut immediately reached gold-status. In 2016 she represented Austria at the ESC in Stockholm where she reached Nr 8 in the public voting of the grand final. Many of her new releases are featured in Austrian and international radio stations and she appears as actress in numerous TV- and film-productions such as the first german Netflix-movie “Isi und Ossi”.


About "Legacy Hit: Loin d’ici"

Current status: Legacy hit, released 2016

Legacy Versions: ESC Version, Acoustic Version, Version Radio, Astronaut Remix, Stone van Broken Remix

New Version: “Loin d’ici, far from here” – ZOË feat. Leonardo Davi

Earn from master- and co-publishing rights: streams, downloads, radio plays, TV, live performances and synch rights (advertising deals) of all versions

Last 24 months earnings from master- & co-publishing-rights of the legacy versions: 9.250 EUR

Your investment will be used to produce a high-quality production of a brand new version of “Loin d’ici”: A duet between ZOË and Leonardo Davi. We believe that Leonardo brings everything needed for a superstar. Together with ZOËs enchanting voice, he will contribute to make this recording fly.

Your investment will also be used to produce a high quality video with ZOË & Leonardo and to promote it on YouTube and social media. A major part of your investment will go into massive promotion in streaming stores and the booking of TikTok influencers.

Come on board, profit from the stable revenues of a Eurovision evergreen and its second life.

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