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Mala - my new single


Global Rockstar is proud to present Elyamont with his hit track „Mala"!

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Breitenau, Austria

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€ 380
pledged of a max. € 2000 goal!

Mala - my new single

Global Rockstar is proud to present Elyamont with his track „Mala (ft. Giorgio Hart)“!
If you invest in the final production and the marketing of this hit track, you will be entitled to receive royalty payments from every stream and download of it for 70 years.

Elyamont is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter and producer. His previous releases have already reached hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify & Co.
Elyamont’s newest song „Mala“ fits perfectly in the most popular playlists and radio programs, due to its vibrant sound featuring catchy vocals and cool beats.

With your investment, this production will be brought to the next level: Global Rockstar will therefore engage the best mixing- and mastering-engineers, in order to come to a master that can compete with today’s top hits. The budget for a new mix and mastering is 1.000 EUR.

Your investment will also be used to market the track in streaming services with a budget of 1.000 EUR. Global Rockstar will provide additional radio promotion to cover the most important European markets.

1% of Net Royalties are available for 80 EUR. You will break even as soon as „Mala“ reaches approx. 2 million streams on Spotify. Comparable tracks can easily reach 20 million streams on Spotify, and can even go viral with the right marketing measures that we are going to initiate.

Please read carefully "How it works" and our Terms before investing. Please note that you are investing in the Master Rights of this recordings. This means, that you will earn money when the track is streamed, downloaded, compiled on a CD or licensed to a third party (e.g. for TV ads).

Click on the blue button below to preview the royalty agreement between you and Global Rockstar, entering in force with your investment. Please note that this is a Keep-it-all-Project: Global Rockstar will execute all plans and investments described above even if the total funding goal is not achieved until the end of the Project duration.

When you know all details about the rights that you will receive, choose the amount of future Royalties that you wish to purchase. Then, click on the Pledge button and enter your payment info and data (Credit Card, Sofort or Maestro).

We’d be happy to welcome you on board!

My offers

We offer you to become a shareholder of the song Mala (ft. Giorgio Hart) by Elyamont. If you invest in this potential Hit, you will be entitled to receive royalties from every stream and download of it for the next 70 years.

You will receive your first royalty payments 3 months after the release of Mala. Then, we will provide you with regular royalty payments, detailed reports and royalty statements that you will be able to check on the dashboard of your account. You will be able to withdraw your earnings to your bank account or to reinvest them in other projects on Global Rockstar.

In total, we offer 25% of future Net Royalties to music investors. 1% of Net Royalties cost 80 EUR. Please note that in some cases, Global Rockstar might license the master to partner labels in individual territories if it makes sense from a business point of view. In this case, the licensee will help and invest to make the track popular in his territory and therefore will also participate in the revenues of the track. If we choose to license the master, you will be informed via email notification.

In addition to offering a great opportunity, an investment in a music production and/or its marketing also entails risks. Nobody can know for sure if a Song becomes a Hit and you might not recoup your investment within the desired time frame, or in the worst case, at all.

1% from future net revenues for € 

Make a Pledge, and you'll receive this share of Net Royalties from the exploitation of the Master rights of the track Mala for 70 years!

You'll earn money every time the track is streamed or downloaded!

​Net Royalties: All incurring revenues from the commercial exploitation of the Master less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm distribution fee of 25% .
20.25% left
select pledge amount
If you wish to invest less than 1% please click on the green button below.
As soon as you have made your final choice, please click on the orange button below.
(2.500 € per payment max.)


Elyamont is a 21-year old austrian singer-songwriter and music producer. In April he released his debut album Bambini on his own label Club-PNP. His style has a wide spectrum, from romantic ballads to danceable tracks.


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On Global Rockstar, you can invest in tracks of up-and-coming artists.
You’ll earn royalties for 70 years from every stream and download of that track!
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On Global Rockstar, you can invest in tracks of up-and-coming artists.
You’ll earn royalties for 70 years from every stream and download of that track!
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