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MOSS - No Remedy

No Remedy (feat. ZOË)

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Graz, Austria

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€ 2945
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MOSS - No Remedy

Please note: The project duration has been extended.

This is the 17-year-old artist, producer and songwriter MOSS with his first hit single "No Remedy (feat. ZOË)". Be the first one to discover this future Superstar of the electronic music scene and become a part of his success!

We offer you to get your share in the recording and the song (master rights & publishing rights), to earn royalties from all streams, downloads, radio plays and sync rights (movies / ads) for 70 years. One share is available for 10 EUR (0.1% of Net Royalties).

Your investment will be used for a state-of-the-art mix and mastering by one of the most successful mastering engineers in Europe, responsible for many Nr.1 hits in the last years. Your investment will also be used to produce a videoclip and to market the track in streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music) and radio stations in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Get your share in MOSS' first hit now, you won't regret it!

My offers

One share is available for 10 EUR: 0.1% of Net Royalties from streams, downloads, sync rights and publishing rights (publishing revenues from Radio, TV and live). 1% of Net Royalties cost 100 EUR.

In total, we offer 40% Net Royalties to Fans. If the project is not fully funded until the end of the project duration, you will be refunded 1:1 to the medium of your payment (e.g. credit card), so no money will change hands. 

As soon as the project is fully funded, you will be notified via email, and you will receive the royalty agreement regarding your share in master rights and publishing rights. The Global Rockstar Music Label will distribute, market and promote "No Remedy" in all relevant streaming- and download-stores worldwide (35 stores).

You will receive your first royalty statement from streams and downloads approx. 3 months after the release, followed by monthly statements. Then you will be able to see your earnings on the dashboard of your account and withdraw your earnings or reinvest them in other Projects.​

Revenues from publishing rights will be distributed after our receipt from the collecting societies of the different countries where the track is played in radios and TV. Please note that the collection of these revenues might take up to 1,5 years from the time that the track is played in the radio.

1% from future net revenues for € 

Make a Pledge, and you'll receive this share of Net Royalties from the exploitation of the Master rights of "No Remedy" (from every stream and download) AND Net Royalties from the exploitation of the Publishing rights (from radio, TV, live) for 70 years!

You'll earn money every time the track is streamed, downloaded, played in the radio & TV, or played live!

​Net Royalties Master rights: All incurring revenues from the commercial exploitation of the Master less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm distribution fee of 25%. Net Royalties Publishing rights: All incurring revenues from the commercial exploitation of the Publishing rights less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm handling fee of 10%

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MOSS is a 17-years-old music producer and songwriter from Austria. He has been educated in classical music, plays 7 instruments and produces electronic-dance-music with catchy pop tunes, made to climb the charts.

He has release his first single on Spinnin' Records when he was 14 years old, reaching a top 100 placement. In 2019, MOSS got signed by the Global Rockstar Music Label and works currently on his first EP, to be released in spring 2020.

Photo Credit: Theo Kortschak


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On Global Rockstar, you can invest in tracks of up-and-coming artists.
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