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My New Single


One share available for 31€ (0.25%). Earn money from every stream and download of my single! Your support is well appreciated! :)

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Miss Lyric

Miss Lyric

Springfield, USA

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pledged of a € 7000 goal!

My New Single

Hi everyone,My name is Miss Lyric. I am a singer, songwriter, and dancer and I have been a professional recording artist since 2016. The type of music that I create is mainly R&B and Pop. I just released another single off of my debut EP entitled "I Like" featuring Jay Supra Smiles. The song has been played by DJ's and on the radio.

Now, I have a new song that I am releasing to all major music streaming platforms entitled "Party" and I would love for you all to be apart of it. The song was written by me and produced by Avery On The Beat. He has worked with artists such as Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston, and Chief Keef (to name a few!). He and I worked on this song as a collaboration and feel as though this song can be a major success.

I am so excited to be working with Global Rockstar to push my single to the next level and with your help, this will definitely be possible. With your investment, I would like to shoot an amazing music video in the coming months. I would also like to get some great Artwork made specifically for the song as well as radio promotion and placements on popular Spotify playlists. So, do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to become a shareholder for my song, "Party" which my team and I have worked tremendously hard to create.

Your investment today will earn you royalties for EVERY stream and download of my song. You will be apart of the success of this new single for the next 70 years! It is definitely a win-win situation. All you have to do is make a pledge and earn your first royalty statement in 3 months. The song was produced, mixed & mastered by Avery On The Beat (a very accomplished producer in the industry) . I hope that when you watch the promo video or you hear the song, you'll want to be apart of this!Below is a preview of the royalty agreement. Have an amazing day.

If my project is not successfully funded (if the funding goal is not reached within the project duration), you get refunded 1:1 to the medium of your payment (e.g. your credit card).

Your investment will be used for Production and Marketing:

Production budget:
- Videoclip: 1000€
- Artwork (Fotoshoot, Coverdesign): 500€

Marketing budget:
- Spotify playlist promotion: 1000€
- Radio promotion: United Kingdom 3500€
- Spotify ads: 1000€

Please preview the royalty agreement by clicking on the button below, to know exactly which rights you purchase if my project is successfully funded. 

My offers

I offer you to become a shareholder of the song Party. If you invest in my track, you will be entitled to receive royalties from every stream and download of the track for the next 70 years.

In total, I offer 45% to music investors. 1% of Net Royalties cost 156 EUR. Please note that in some cases, Global Rockstar might license the track to partner labels if it makes sense from a business point of view. In this case, the licensee will help and invest to make the track popular and therefore will participate in the revenues of the track too. If we choose to license the track, you will be informed via email notification.

In addition to offering a great opportunity, an investment in a music production and/or its marketing also entails risks. Nobody can know for sure if a Song becomes a Hit and you might not recoup your investment within the desired time frame, or in the worst case, at all.

This project has ended

Make a Pledge, and you'll receive this share of the Net Royalties from the exploitation of the Master rights of my track (from every stream and download) for 70 years!

You'll earn money every time the track is streamed or downloaded!

​Net Royalties: All incurring revenues from the commercial exploitation of the Master less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm distribution fee of 25% .

45% left


Born on August 3, 1999, Miss Lyric is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model, and social media influencer. Her first single came out in July 2016 entitled "Arabella (Lovely and Elegant)". She was born in Springfield, MA and has many musical influences such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce. She started out in a singing group at the tender age of 8 years old and then decided to go solo. Lyric then fully pursued her solo career and has been releasing music since she was 16 years old. In her home city, she has earned a lot of recognition as a very hard-working individual and singer. She hopes to win a Grammy one day and move her family out of Springfield. She is extremely happy to be signed to Global Rockstar and thanks them for the amazing opportunity to make her dreams come true!


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On Global Rockstar, you can invest in tracks of up-and-coming artists.
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