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My next Single!

Until the morning light

Become a shareholder of my next single! With your support, we will be able to realize an awesome production!

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Sara De Blue

Sara De Blue

Matrei in Osttirol, Austria

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€ 1425
pledged of a € 6000 goal!

My next Single!

I am very grateful that so many Investors from all around the world have contributed to successfully fund my last project on Global Rockstar! The single "Out of the Twilight" will be released end of March 2018, and we'll do everything to make it a Hit!

But a successful and sustainable career can not be built on one song only. That's why we have already started to think about the next steps, and we want to prepare a next single for fall 2018.

The feedback to my song "Until the morning light" (you can hear the song in an unplugged version in the video above) was stunning and many people asked me when this track is going to be released. So, I decided that this should be the next single to focus on.

With your investment, I can bring the song to the next level by engaging great producers and engineers. I also plan to use your investment to enable a radio promo in Germany. This costs a lot of money :) so in order to use your investment in the most efficient way, we plan to assign our radio promotor as sub-publisher in Germany. In Austria, Global Rockstar will take care of an effective radio promo.

The production of my song can only be realized if the project is 100% funded. If the funding goal of 6.000€ is not reached, no money changes hands, and the full amount of your pledge is refunded to you.

My offers

Some of you might know that my last project & song "Out of the twilight" participated in San Marino's pre-selection to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 where it reached the second place. Due to the big marketing impact of a performance at the ESC, the valuation of a potential ESC song is clearly higher than for other projects that do not have that enormous marketing support. 

That's why, the price of shares for my next single is considerably lower than for my last project. I offer you 1% of future Net Royalties from the commercial exploitation of the master for 80€.

For 25€ you can purchase 0.25% of shares, for 50 € you'll get 0.5% of future Net Royalties. If you wish to invest more, you can purchase shares up to all available shares. Please notice that, due to legal obligations of all crowdfunding platforms, one user can only spend 2.500€/year on this platform. If a user wishes to spend more, he can upload his passport and is then allowed to invest unlimited amounts per year. Please note also that the maximum amount per pledge is 2.500€.

When you made your choice of the amount you wish to invest, click on the PLEDGE button. You will only be charged, if the project is successfully funded (Reaches the funding goal of 6.000 €).

Click on the button below to know everything about the Royalty certificate and agreement, in order to understand exactly which rights you purchase.

This project has ended

Make a Pledge, and you'll receive this share of the Net Royalties from the exploitation of the Master rights of my track for 70 years!

You'll earn money every time the track is streamed, downloaded, compiled to a CD or licensed to a third party​.

​Net Royalties: All incurring revenues from the commercial exploitation of the Master less taxes and less a firm handling charge of 10%  (including payment partner fees) and a firm distribution fee of 15%.

45.75% left


​Blue eyes, blue hair, and a mystic blue voice are features of the austrian singer Sara De Blue. The sound of her voice is often compared to a sound of a violin. 

Sara is writing and producing songs, she also plays the piano, drums & flute. She loves paintings and everything with art.
She studied jazz vocals, dance, acting at the tyrolean conservatory. She also passed a Bachelor study in Music & English at the pedagogical high school in Innsbruck. At the moment she is teaching at a musicschool and is finalising her Bachelor study in Jazz Vocals at the „Anton Bruckner University“ in Linz/Austria. 

Here are some facts: 

•    When she was a child, her mother (also a singer) inspired her with listening to music of legends such as Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston, from that moment on she wanted to be a singer.
•    Her singing career started at the age of 13, where she was playing in different bands an won a few band contests.
•    Sara was one of the 30 finalists of the famous german TV Show „The Voice of Germany“ 
•    She was the first woman to sing the new national anthem @ the Youth Winter Olympic Games in 2012 in Innsbruck.
•    Sara reached the 2nd place at the International Home Composed Song Contest with her written song „Can`t Stop“
•    She was a Eurovision Songcontest Wild Card Nominee of Austria in 2016 with her song „Closer To The Sun“
•    Her Song „Walking On Water“ (Austrozone) reached the Top 3 on the Ö3 Album Charts.
•    She sang in a few austrian TV Shows like: ORF „heute leben“, ORF „Guten Morgen Österreich“, ORF Frühstücksfernsehn, „Puls 4“, ORF „Licht ins Dunkel“, ORF „Tirol Heute“, Ö3 Weihnachtswunder,
•    She is the voice of the ING DIBA commercial spots (German, Austrian TV)
•    Sara also was a feature & Fm4 Headliner & Closing Act of the international famous Drum & Base and amadeus music award winning Duo „Camo & Crooked“ at austria`s biggest „Donauinsel Festival“ & „Puls 4 Game Changers“
•    Did a music video with austria`s most famous ORF comedian „Robert Palfrader“
•    She opened the worldwide famous TIMBERSPORTS WM, Bob Skeletton WM (also sang the official song)
•    She was a background dancer at the Popstars Band „Preluders“.
•    Showact of Miss Austria 2017, Miss Online, Miss Tyrol
•    Ski Welt Cup Lienz 2009 und 2011, 2013, 2015
•    Red Bull Dolomitenmann Lienz 2010 und 2013 auf der Ö3 Bühne.
•    Brandon Rossi & Omar Grant from (RocNation Label Jay Z) replied to her demo`s and said that they were interested in a collaboration.
•    Sara is a twin, so 2 personalities: one is Electronic/Pop (Sara De Blue) and the other one is Jazz (Sara Koell).


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