Athena Skye

United Kingdom
pop, r-and-b-soul
16 days to go

About Athena Skye

Having recently amassed over 2 million views on TikTok, Athena Skye has racked up quite the following - making her one to watch. Influenced by the sounds of her two home cities, London and Atlanta, tracks such as ‘Oxytocin’ & ‘4 Us’ showcase her talents with unique songwriting and distinct vocals. Candid and smart, she draws her audience in by highlighting the vulnerabilities evident in all of us, through raw lyrics paired with dark sonic elements.

Acclaim for her Skye includes support from Apple Music with adds to ‘New Music Daily’ and ‘New In Pop’. Further coverage includes Digster playlist pickup and press from the likes of Tongue Tied Mag, Essentially Pop, Gem, Discover Nu & More.


About "OnlyFans"

Release: 2022

Current State: Master

Investment: All-or-nothing

Earn from: streams 

Break-even: approximately 2,2 Mio streams on Spotify

Inspired by digital culture and queer romance, OnlyFans is a sexy, dark pop banger that's about being proud of who you love and most importantly, who you ARE! Co-written and produced with Global Rockstar Headliner, Eva-Lina via Zoom, OnlyFans tells a story of young love in our digital age. Its flirtatious and catchy melody encourages listeners to show off who they love regardless of what people might say. OnlyFans is gonna make you wanna scream it out loud as well as add it to your bedroom playlist.

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