About Leonardo Davi

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The Brazilian-born artist has already reached the pinnacle of TikTok numbers, wowing his fans with his soulful voice in every video. Just to give you an example, Leonardo's cover of Tom Odell's "Another Love" reached almost 1 million views and over 165K likesWithout any support or promotion! 

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About "Safe Space"

Planned release: 2022

Investment: Keep-it-all

Earn on: streams & radio

Break-even: approximately 3,6 Million streams on Spotify

Leonardo Davi, civil name Leonardo Davi abdon Custódio from Brazil, lives in Vienna since 2018. He discovered his passion for music in his childhood. In 2021 Leonardo dared the first step into the music business and participated in the casting show "Starmania", where he already got a lot of media attention

In order to make his music heard, the 24-year-old started his TikTok channel and quickly received millions of views on his videos. The 24-year-old taught himself guitar and piano, not being able to read music but relying entirely on his hearing. An absolute natural talent!

So it was only a matter of time until the young handsome artist is discovered by a record company and we are quite proud that we can now go a long-term way with him together and ready to take the charts by storm!!

"Safe Space" is about two people who are both in relationships, but still give each other a "safe space". It is about having a partner and still being attracted to another person and feeling an enormous intimacy with that person. Such emotional chaos brings many positive as well as negative thoughts, which Leonardo processes in his song.

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