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She Dances

By krissy

Alternative, Pop

Don't miss out on earning royalties for 70 years from streams and downloads by supporting krissy's upcoming release "She Dances". With chill lyrics and infectious beats, krissy's music invites listeners to get up and dance, promising a unique blend of genres and boundless creativity.

Earn from

Earn from

streams & downloads

Earn proceeds

Earn proceeds

for 70 years

First proceeds

First proceeds

4 mth after release


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    Master Rigts
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    Participation Rights

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    Kristen Stanford

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  • Starting from:

    2.50 €

  • Break-even:

    1.2 Million Streams


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"'She Dances' is an ethereal dark dance pop song. The mood is sad girl pop in a nightclub." - krissy

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of krissy's upcoming release "She Dances" and earn royalties for 70 years from streams & downloads. krissy, a pop artist based in Manhattan, is known for her lyrically chill vibes and infectious beats that will make you want to get up and dance. Growing up in a traditional Christian-Caribbean home, krissy's journey into music began with singing in church, but her musical interests were as diverse as they come, ranging from Elton John to Hannah Montana.

Her debut EP "Eat This Cake" received acclaim, amassing over 55k streams on Spotify. Now, krissy is ready to explore new musical territories, drawing inspiration from electro-dance, disco, grunge rock and reggae. With her unique blend of boldness and self-effacing charm, krissy's artistry transcends boundaries, incorporating her love for fashion and cinema into her music.

"She Dances" promises to be a captivating experience, blending soulful lyrics with irresistible rhythms and boundless creativity. Join krissy's musical journey and become a part of the excitement surrounding her latest release. As krissy continues to make waves in the music industry, investing in "She Dances" ensures that you'll share in her success for years to come.


About krissy

krissy is a Manhattan-based pop artist with lyrically chill lyrics, and wicked beats that insist that you get up and dance. Growing up in a traditional Christian-Caribbean home, krissy’s first foray into music started with singing in church. Her musical interests at such a young age were as varied as they could get; blasting everything from Elton John to Hannah Montana. krissy is bold yet self-effacing. Impassioned yet unruffled. And her brand of artistry combines these aspects of her personality with her love for fashion and cinema. krissy's debut EP "Eat This Cake" was well-received with over 55k streams on Spotify. She is currently excited to explore multiple genres in her new music, having been influenced by electro-dance, disco, grunge rock, and reggae.

You get

  • Net Proceeds from the commercial exploitation of the master rights of the recording and the song "She Dances for 70 years.
  • Net Proceeds master rights: All incurring revenues from the exploitation of the master rights (streams, downloads, sync rights – when used for commercials or in movies) less taxes (if applicable) and less a firm distribution fee of 15%.
  • You will receive your first proceed statement from streams and downloads approx. 4 months after the release, followed by monthly statements. After that, you will be able to see your earnings on the dashboard of your account and withdraw your earnings or reinvest them in other Projects.

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