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India Maxey

United Kingdom

About India Maxey

Get your Music NFT of India Maxey's first single ever!!

Please welcome your new favorite singer: India Maxey! Straight from London, UK she's been pursuing her dream to make music for 20 years already, majoring in the trumpet for 14 years and part of various Jazz and swing bands and there's even more: she gained diplomas for singing, in both choir and theater!

After her studies she started networking with various producers and artists in London to make her own EP and guess what? She is gonna start releasing it via GRS! Invest now and start this journey together with our India!

About "You"

Current status: Master

Planned release: February 2022

Investment: Keep-it-all

Earn on: streams & radio

Break-even: approximately between 1,5 and 2,5 Mio streams on Spotify

"You" is the first release of India Maxey with Global Rockstar, a melodic ballad that will drive you in her world based on a mixture of electronic elements with memorable chords!

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